Domenic Frunzi (he/him/his) is a Philadelphia-based ceramic artist and teacher. He has been teaching high school ceramics for the past 12 years. His time in the classroom being surrounded by clay shifted his own studio practice from drawing and painting to functional ceramic work. In 2016, after 3 formative years in the work exchange program at The Clay Studio, Frunzi built out his own studio in the East Kensington Neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA. 3 years ago, Domenic pivoted to teaching part time to pursue his studio practice full time. 

All of Frunzi’s work is wheel thrown and one of a kind. The aim of his work is to continuously create timeless work that incorporates both unique design elements and refined functionality. Since 2016, he has been making work for various stockists ranging from retail shops, cafes, restaurants and markets. He has been featured on and sold work through Food52, Urban Outfitters, YOWIE, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, and Bon Appetit/Healthish.